Valentine Cat & Birds!-Terry Runyan Creative

Valentine Cat & Birds!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’sDay is our prompt for the day in the Daily Creating Group!
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Februar 14, 2022 — Terry Runyan
Happy Giving Hearts Day!!-Terry Runyan Creative

Happy Giving Hearts Day!!

Cute cut paper cats with hearts!

Giving Hearts Day was our prompt at the Daily Creating Group.  Come join us!

Heart Cat Hat!-Terry Runyan Creative

Heart Cat Hat!

Cute watercolor cat hat portrait with hearts!
Happy Valentine #catonheadwednesday!
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Birdie Gift

Birdie Gift

A quick one for today.  Off to watch the super bowl.  :)
Februar 19, 2021 — Terry Runyan
Stichworte: bird cat cat art cute cat heart
Giving Hearts Day!

Giving Hearts Day!

Today is #givingheartsday so I got crazy with the hearts.  Luckily this kitty had assistance!