Snow Cat Hat!-Terry Runyan Creative

Snow Cat Hat!

Cute watercolor snow cat hat portrait! 
Happy #catonheadwednesday and first day of Winter!
Thing on Thing is the prompt for today at the Daily Creating Group.
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To watch how I created this check it out on YouTube:



Yoga Cat Hat!-Terry Runyan Creative

Yoga Cat Hat!

Cute watercolor black cat hat on redhead doing yoga!  Happy #catonheadwednesday!

Thing on Thing was the prompt for the day at the Daily Creating Group.  

Come join us!  Prompts are optional.

Catstav Klimt!-Terry Runyan Creative

Catstav Klimt!

Watercolor painting parody of Gustav Klimt - Woman in Gold.
Just finished watching Woman in Gold! Loved it! Thanks Gustav Klimt for your amazing painting!
Art Nouveau is the prompt for the Daily Creating Group!
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Jennifer Orkin Lewis and Gayle Kabaker paint along!-Terry Runyan Creative

Jennifer Orkin Lewis and Gayle Kabaker paint along!

Paint along with Jennifer Orkin Lewis (August Wren) and Gayle Kabaker!
I had a fun time painting people at this workshop today! There is a bit of pink here and there!
Pink is the prompt for the day in the Daily Creating Group!Come join us! Prompts are optional.
April 24, 2022 — Terry Runyan