Cactus Night!-Terry Runyan Creative

Cactus Night!

Cute cut paper and watercolor cactus, cats and bird!

Cactus is the prompt for the day in the Daily Creating Group.
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House Cat Plants!-Terry Runyan Creative

House Cat Plants!

Mixed media cute cats, cactus & succulents!
Cactus/Succulents is the prompt for the day at the Daily Creating Group.
Come join us! Prompts are optional.
Prickley Companion

Prickley Companion

22/100 Prickley Companion!
I'm on day 22 of the 100 Day Project on Instagram.  I join this project every year.  It works well with my daily creating and helps me focus on one thing for 100 days.  This year it is mixed media.  :)