New Video on YouTube! How to Paint a White Cat!-Terry Runyan Creative

New Video on YouTube! How to Paint a White Cat!

In this demo video I use watercolor to paint a cute white cat, cute birds and flower sweater!

This was done for the Caturday prompt at the Daily Creating Group.  Come join us!

How to Paint a Cat!-Terry Runyan Creative

How to Paint a Cat!

New watercolor painting demo on YouTube!

How to Paint a White Cat in Watercolor-Terry Runyan Creative

How to Paint a White Cat in Watercolor

Watercolor cute white cat with patterns!

New time lapse demo video on YouTube!  You can find it here:

Octopus Video!-Terry Runyan Creative

Octopus Video!

New video on YouTube painting a cute octopus and fish in watercolor and mixed media.

World Octopus Day is our prompt for the day in the Daily Creating Group.  Come join us!

New Book Cover!-Terry Runyan Creative

New Book Cover!

I’m so excited to share the cover of my new book, Painting Happiness: Creativity with Watercolors. 

The book will on the shelves in April 2022 and can be pre-ordered now!

In this simple and vibrant guide we explore the art of watercolor through the lens of mindfulness, presenting activities and projects which you can paint along with as you allow your creative side to flourish.

This watercolor guide is easy and accessible for beginners or anyone who wants to delve into the basics of the art form, starting with simple techniques which you can follow along with, as well as presenting some fun projects ideas for painters to explore.

Some of the fun projects include: turning blobs into birds; creating wild hairstyles; and experimenting with different prompts to paint at least one thing a day. From technical skills and notes on materials to insight into the creative process, this book has everything you need to start exploring and experimenting with watercolor!

Alongside beautiful examples of the techniques and styles explored in the book, I also encourage readers to practice mindfulness as they paint, and explore the ways art can be used to help improve mental clarity. Exploring the idea of 'perfectly imperfect watercolors', emphasis is placed on self-expression and allowing yourself to play, make mistakes, learn and grow.

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Painting Full Parking Lot-Terry Runyan Creative

Painting Full Parking Lot

After I finished shooting this video I dropped a blob of ink toward the upper left. This invited me to add another bat flying in which led to the title Full Parking Lot.
Watch the video here:
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