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This program will be an exploration in creativity just for the fun of it! We will be uncovering our innate creative flow, joy and wellbeing while connection within a creative community. 

This is for you if:

* You feel bogged down in the outcome of your creativity, the due dates, have tos or "will it be good enough" thinking.

* You have difficulty finding time for your creativity.

* You have all kinds of inner critic stuff coming up and it is stopping you or effecting your creative flow.

* You are doing your art to get others to like you, follow you or subscribe to what you are creating.

* You want to get back to creating for the fun of it with nothing on it!

A few details:

* Start date May 6th. 

* 4 week program.

* 2 live Zoom calls per week.  Tuesday’s & Friday’s at 11am CST (Calls will be recorded.)

* Inspirational videos. 

* Private Facebook Group. 

* Mini Master Mind partners.

* A limited number of Premium Memberships available which includes 2 private one hour calls.

Unreasonable Creativity Program
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