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This book is perfect for watercolour artists of all skill levels, cat-enthusiasts and lovers of my #catontheheadwednesdays!  

From the Publisher:

In this follow-up to her hit Painting Happiness, Terry Runyan shows you how to play with watercolour to create quirky cat portraits – and let go of stress.

Perfect for cat lovers and watercolour artists of all skill levels, from absolute beginner to more experienced, Painting Cats teaches you how to go from blob of paint to a beautiful portrait of your fluffy friends. Drawing on art therapy techniques that emphasize fun and freedom in creativity over technical perfection, Runyan guides you step by step through the process of adding details to loosely painted shapes to create your own unique and distinct cats! 

In this joyful book brimming with inspiring watercolour artwork and encouragement:

Play and experiment with watercolor, exploring the ways in which the medium invites us to be present in the moment.

Find projects, tips, and techniques to help you develop your painting, creating a myriad of beautiful portraits along the way! 

*Explore the art of storytelling with cats 

*Enjoy the scientifically proven mental-health benefits of making art 

*Embrace techniques and lessons in creative mindfulness whilst having lots of feline fun and letting your creative instincts go free.

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